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Posts on ‘June 10th, 2007’

Lawyer Threatens Suit Over Online Review (of Him)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Avvo’s attorney rating system draws fire. Setting up an online rating system that attempts to rank the best and worst attorneys, is kind of like dipping your toes in shark-infested waters. Sooner or later, you are bound to get bitten. That’s the situation facing Avvo, the heavily funded Seattle startup that just four […]

Dangers Coming for Open Net

My Berkman Center colleague Jonathan Zittrain has written a piece for Harvard Business Review, “Saving the Internet.” Quote: The runaway successes of the Internet and PC with the mainstream public have put them in positions of significant stress and danger. Though the Internet’s lack of centralized structure makes it difficult to assess the sturdiness of […]

NewsMap: Stories that Move in Space

If you’ve been following the comments in this blog, you’ll note that Simon Dixon has unwrapped NewsMap, which he says puts a newsroom-friendly face on the Google Maps API. The end-user sees an annotated map (or satellite image), with various points of interest marked on it, using custom icons. The points are presented in a […]