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Posts from ‘May, 2007’

We're not dead yet, they're not journalists yet, says Lucasiewicz

In 2006, Wired called us a “spiraling vortex of ruin.” [Link.] But television is still a $65B business, said Mark Lucasiewicz, VP of Digital Media for NBC said at Editor & Publisher Interactive today in Miami. My reaction: Welcome to the high-tech industry — the Land of the Premature Obituary. How many obituaries have I […]

News Orgs and Alliances with Bloggers

Dave Winer says in “What is Web 3.0?” that traditional media organizations will make it through their currently tough times by embracing bloggers and other kinds of new media, “without interpretation by professional reporters.” I’m cautious about that last bit. Why? Because, slowly but surely, traditional media folks are embracing the audience in ways that […]

Citizen Media and the Law: A New Project

The Citizen Media Law Project, jointly affiliated with Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and this Center, is launching this week, with the help of a $250,000 grant from the Knight Foundation. Our central aim is to provide practical knowledge and tools for citizen journalists. In the coming months we will be […]

Headline of the Week

Viagra reduces jet lag in hamsters.

Good News on Freedom of Information Front

UPDATED The California First Amendment Coalition has won a crucial lower-court ruling that Santa Clara County must provide — at cost — its geographic “base map” of real estate boundaries in the county. The county had been saying it would charge tens of thousands of dollars for information collected on behalf of residents, using taxpayer […]

Survey of Blog Readers

The University of Tennessee is conducting a survey “to examine the uses and users of blogs.” If you want to participate, click here.

Missing the Point Department

Time Magazine’s Richard Schickel, riffing off a New York Times story about literary bloggers that ran several weeks ago, goes berserk in “Not everybody’s a critic,” an LA Times op-ed piece that adds to the amazingly uninformed backlash against citizen media: Let me put this bluntly, in language even a busy blogger can understand: Criticism […]

Citizen Journalism Startup in Middle East is a new citizen media startup in Jordan. The aim is to create: an independent web-based citizen-media news outlet from Jordan. 7iber provides original, creative and interesting content, seeking to better inform our audience of untapped Jordanian issues as well as providing local perspectives and first-hand accounts of news, politics, arts and culture.  The […]

Who's Going to Pay for Journalism?

That’s the question being posed on Monday afternoon, May 21, at the Knight Fellowships 2007 Symposium at Stanford University. Recommended.

San Francisco Paper Whacks Jobs

SF Chronicle: Chronicle to cut 25% of jobs in newsroom “That’s not just trimming fat, that’s an amputation. That’s losing a limb,” said (Tom) Rosenstiel (director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism in Washington), who grew up in the Bay Area. Amputation sounds about right, and it’s a serious blow to local journalism. But […]