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New site plans collaboratively made films

This looks intriguing. YourBroadcaster is not just another photo or video sharing site, although you can use it like that. The goal of the site is to collaboratively create five feature films in five different genres (bollywood, horror, thriller, comedy, drama). Users upload scripts, auditions, settings, etc. Other members vote on which uploaded material will be used in the film.

The site is still in beta, but will be an interesting experiment to watch. I expect shorter works, animations and mash-ups to be the first worked produced by this community. A feature film is on such a larger scale it will be an incredible challenge to produce, especially using material chosen by community vote rather than selected by the filmmakers. Yet ever since sites like YouTube have created internet celebrities, sites like YourBroadcaster will spring up hoping to become the star-making machines of Web 2.0.

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