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Posts on ‘May 24th, 2007’

Fighting Off the Trolls

Cory Doctorow explains: How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community.

Prof to Newspaper Readers: Buy Shares in Pubs You Read

Chris Daly has an intriguing idea for Dow Jones and the New York Times Co.: “Readers to the rescue? The existing subscriber base of both newspapers is a precious asset, one that is not realizing its full potential. The owners of both papers should take a cue from public broadcasting and launch a “pledge drive” […]

New site plans collaboratively made films

This looks intriguing. YourBroadcaster is not just another photo or video sharing site, although you can use it like that. The goal of the site is to collaboratively create five feature films in five different genres (bollywood, horror, thriller, comedy, drama). Users upload scripts, auditions, settings, etc. Other members vote on which uploaded material will […]

We're not dead yet, they're not journalists yet, says Lucasiewicz

In 2006, Wired called us a “spiraling vortex of ruin.” [Link.] But television is still a $65B business, said Mark Lucasiewicz, VP of Digital Media for NBC said at Editor & Publisher Interactive today in Miami. My reaction: Welcome to the high-tech industry — the Land of the Premature Obituary. How many obituaries have I […]