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Posts on ‘May 19th, 2007’

Citizen Journalism Startup in Middle East is a new citizen media startup in Jordan. The aim is to create: an independent web-based citizen-media news outlet from Jordan. 7iber provides original, creative and interesting content, seeking to better inform our audience of untapped Jordanian issues as well as providing local perspectives and first-hand accounts of news, politics, arts and culture.  The […]

Who's Going to Pay for Journalism?

That’s the question being posed on Monday afternoon, May 21, at the Knight Fellowships 2007 Symposium at Stanford University. Recommended.

San Francisco Paper Whacks Jobs

SF Chronicle: Chronicle to cut 25% of jobs in newsroom “That’s not just trimming fat, that’s an amputation. That’s losing a limb,” said (Tom) Rosenstiel (director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism in Washington), who grew up in the Bay Area. Amputation sounds about right, and it’s a serious blow to local journalism. But […]