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Posts on ‘April 20th, 2007’

Whose Journalistic Standards?

A couple of days ago, a reporter for a major newspaper asked the following by email: My editor has asked me for a story, pegged to the Virginia shootings, that looks at the decline of the traditional journalistic “gatekeeper” role in an age when anyone with a cellphone camera can instantly be called a reporter. […]

Joining the Investigations

At Real Time Investigations, a Sunlight Foundation project, you can follow what Bill Allison calls sort of a diary of investigations, where you can follow, day by day, what my colleague, Investigative Writer Anupama Narayanswamy, and I are up to as we go about our business trying to make Congress more transparent. Today’s posting exposes […]

The Citizens' Journalist

Alan Mutter calls legendary Chicago columnist Mike Royko “The first citizen journalist.”

NBC Links Itself to Slaughter

NBC wasn’t wrong to put some of the grotesque Cho pictures and videos on the air and the Net. But it made a catastrophic marketing blunder in the process. The New York Times reports today, “One aspect that clearly irritated many of NBC’s competitors was the impression of the logo ‘NBC News,’ which the network […]