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Posts on ‘April 16th, 2007’

Needed: You, to Help Capture Public Events

Doug Kaye has started PodCorps, “an all-volunteer team of audio/video producers who record and publish important spoken-word events anywhere in the world.”

Mobile Phone Journalism at Virginia Tech

The horrific events at Virginia Tech this morning — the killing of “at least 21” (update: at least 31) are the top of everyone’s news in the U.S. The reporting, if you will, was enhanced by mobile-phone camera images that CNN is showing (available via the link above). More and more major news stories will […]

Why You Should Back Up Your Data

In Helsinki last Friday morning, I had a meeting-room accident just before a talk to some folks at Nokia, the mobile-phone company. The result was a non-functioning computer requiring the replacement of the machine’s internal hard disk. This occurred just hours before I had to give a talk at a large gathering of journalists. To […]