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Iterating Blog Codes of Conduct

Tim O’Reilly, instrumental in the recent brouhaha over blogging codes of conduct, offers some valuable “Lessons Learned So Far,” which include:

* The poor choice of the “badges” I proposed, together with a reiteration of why I thought badges might be useful.
* The need for a more modular code of conduct, a set of axioms rather than a single monolithic “code of conduct” or “terms of service.”
* A suggestion of some moderation mechanisms that might be more effective than a code of conduct.
* A more discussion of constructive anonymity vs. “drive-by anonymity”.
* An acknowledgement that a “code of conduct” should be reviewed by lawyers lest bloggers incur additional liability for commenters.
* Why I think civility matters, despite all the nay-sayers.

I remain somewhat skeptical, not at all about the goal but more about the specifics of how it might be achieved.

But this continues an important conversation.

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