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Posts on ‘March 30th, 2007’

Don't Be April Fooled

Slate’s Jack Shafer offers an April Fool’s Day defense kit, saying, “This year, don’t be taken for a sucker by the media.” I tend not to indulge in these things, but couldn’t resist back in 2000, just as the tech stock bubble was peaking. My friend Michael Schrage and I used my San Jose Mercury […]

Does Anti-Plagiarism Service Violate Copyright Law

Washington Post: McLean Students Sue Anti-Cheating Service. The lawsuit, filed this week in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, seeks $900,000 in damages from the for-profit service known as Turnitin. The service seeks to root out cheaters by comparing student term papers and essays against a database of more than 22 million student papers as well […]