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Reuters Africa: An Advance for Journalism

Reuters Africa LogoBig, big news in journalism today:

First, read this press release from Reuters about the launch of its Reuters Africa site. The mission:

to cover Africa in detail and from all angles, to give a wider sense of the issues and their contexts, and to explore the individual countries and cultures. Reuters Africa will target both those living on the continent, and anyone globally who follows African development, investment and news.

As Rebecca MacKinnon explains, the venerable news agency has “taken an important and trend-setting step” with this move, in part because

it demonstrates Reuters’ commitment to covering Africa not only as a general news story but also as a global business story – to an extent that I have not seen in other global English-language media…

It also

extends the news agency’s commitment to build synergies between the work of Reuters reporters and the work of bloggers from around Africa, who paint a much more diverse and vibrant picture of the continent than mainstream news reporting tends to do.

Global Voices Online is part of that commitment (and Reuters is a funder). A smart partnership is under way here, and the result are likely to be spectacular.

(Note: Rebecca MacKinnon is on this Center’s advisory board, and I’m on the Global Voices advisory board.)

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  1. #1 Atrium - Media e Cidadania
    on Mar 1st, 2007 at 8:06 am

    Reuters Africa…

    A Reuters lançou um serviço especificamente centrado no continente africano.
    É um sinal positivo.
    É um sinal, diz Rebecca MacKinnon, de que algo está a mudar:
    First, it demonstrates Reuters’ commitment to covering Africa not only as a genera…