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Posts on ‘February 15th, 2007’

Relentless Comment Spam

The slime who use blog comment systems to peddle their often-fraudulent crap are innundating this and other blogs with spam. Luckily, the Akismet spam filter traps most of them and you never have to worry about seeing this garbage. But the deluge is such that hundreds are now showing up in the filter each day. […]

Managing Harsh Change

IDG executive Colin Crawford, discussing the media company’s transformation, says: The brutal reality that we’re facing today is the costly process of dismantling and replacing legacy operations and cultures and business models with ones with new and yet to be fully proven business models. However, we face greater risks if we don’t transform our organization […]

CNN's Shallowness

I’m in an airport airline club where a big-screen TV is showing CNN. It’s a split screen. Half is devoted to some meaningless hearing in the Anna Nicole Smith case. The other features a private plane that may or may not be having trouble with landing gear. Last night and the night before I was […]