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More Business-Friendly than CNBC? Impossible

NY Times: Fox to Begin a ‘More Business Friendly’ News Channel. No one has ever accused CNBC, the cable TV home of Jim Cramer, Larry Kudlow and Maria Bartiromo, of being antibusiness. Until now. Yesterday, Rupert Murdoch confirmed one of the worst kept secrets in the media industry, that the News Corporation will start a long-awaited business news channel in the fourth quarter of this year. In doing so, he also took a shot at CNBC, the leading television business news outlet, vowing that the new channel would be friendlier to corporations.

It’s not a joke, but you wish it was. CNBC is the ultimate business booster. How could Murdoch’s new plaything be any more so?

Here’s what we really need: a channel that tells the truth about business. There would actually be an audience for it.

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