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Posts on ‘February 5th, 2007’

Verify, Verify, Verify TV news stations air incorrectly identified ferry video from YouTube. A number of Canadian television news broadcasts aired a user-submitted video clip falsely labelled as a ferry battling rough seas in the Cabot Strait, reviving questions about how news organizations handle user-submitted content. The reports prompted some passengers to cancel their bookings. One or […]

Study: Citizen Media Here to Stay

Jan Schaffer and colleagues at J-Lab have produced a terrific study of the citizen-media movement. You can find “Citizen Media: Fad or the Future of News?” on the Knight Foundation’s new Knight Citizen News Network site, which will officially launch soon.

CNBC: News or Boosterism?

Edward Wasserman at the Miami Herald, in “Flying high with the Money Honey,” observes: CNBC no longer perceives a difference between journalist and show pony. Bartiromo’s jet-setting isn’t, as the network claims, source development. She isn’t doing legwork on stories. She’s a corporate emissary and brand-enhancement, helping favored companies — many of them CNBC advertisers […]