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Running for President? "Announce" on the Web

Hilary Clinton is — gasp with surprise — running for president, and made it official on her website. Not in a crowded hall, packed with supporters and TV cameras, but on the website.

Of course, it was not exactly news. She’s been making public and semi-public moves in this direction for a long time now. But the way she, and John Edwards a couple of weeks ago, used the Web as the official announcement space is telling. (I don’t believe Edwards scooped himself on the website, as the Washington Post alleged; this had the ring of pre-planning.)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled political wrangling…

1 Comment on “Running for President? "Announce" on the Web”

  1. #1 Bob McCarty
    on Jan 22nd, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    Actually, Hillary announced the formation of her exploratory committee only — not her actual declaration of candidacy. Such a ploy gets politicians like her more news media coverage, since they’ll announce their candidacies later and garner twice as much attention — they hope. Some of the attention they don’t want, no doubt, can be found at