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Local Politics, Blog-Style

Micah Sifry: How-To: Seven Ways to Find Local Political Blogs. If all politics is local, then locally-focused blogs are obviously important to anyone engaged in politics. But since the internet doesn’t come with zipcodes attached to urls, it’s not obvious how to discover these nodes of conversation and community? How to find blogs that are local hubs? Here are seven easy (and free) steps you can take.

Meanwhile, Andrew Rasiej pitches A Better Buzzword: “voter-generated content.”

1 Comment on “Local Politics, Blog-Style”

  1. #1 Conservative News
    on Aug 14th, 2007 at 2:23 am

    lol.. The point is still missing.. Local politics grows up to an international level..

    btw, nice compliation..however, blogs can reflect the opinions and images of what a person thinks. If its about politics it will for sure talk about its own area at first.. hence leaving a trace as to from where he is..