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Posts on ‘January 5th, 2007’

Local Politics, Blog-Style

Micah Sifry: How-To: Seven Ways to Find Local Political Blogs. If all politics is local, then locally-focused blogs are obviously important to anyone engaged in politics. But since the internet doesn’t come with zipcodes attached to urls, it’s not obvious how to discover these nodes of conversation and community? How to find blogs that are […]

Annals of Bad Journalism

Slate’s Jack Shafer looks at the “stupidest drug stories of the week,” in what he calls only the “latest examples of rotten drug journalism” — an epidemic that shows no sign of abating.

Not-Quite-Getting-the-Medium Department

UPDATED Nielsen BuzzMetrics discusses its purported “Top 100 Blog Posts of 2006” with a brief introduction, but makes the actual list only available in PDF format. Lame. UPDATE: The list is now online in a non-lame HTML format The measure used by the company is the number of links to the individual post by individual […]