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Posts from ‘January, 2007’

'Raise More Hell'

Molly Ivins, one of the great journalists of our era, has died, the Texas Observer reports “In Loving Memory of Molly Ivins, 1944-2007.” Key quote: Molly’s enduring message is, “Raise more hell.”

Apple's Just Desserts a Big Win for Online Journalism

Mac News Network: Apple pays $700,000 for bloggers’ legal fees. In total, Apple was ordered to pay nearly $700,000 — a small amount for a company that reported nearly $1 billion in profit in the December quarter, but a large moral victory for bloggers, journalists and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) which helped defend against […]

Plea Deal Keeps Reporters Out of Court

AP: Watada Agreement Means Journos Won’t Have to Testify in ‘Antiwar’ Case. Watada’s attorney Eric Seitz agreed that two subpoenaed reporters will not have to testify. They are Honolulu Star-Bulletin’s Gregg Kakesako and freelance reporter Sarah Olson. “We will stipulate and agree to the testimony that the reporters would have otherwise provided and the accuracy […]

When Did Apple Become a Government?

This headine on the Macworld site — Former Apple marketer moves to the private sector — is unintentionally hilarious. You can move to the private sector from the public sector, but the latter is government, not another company.

Reminder: Search is Not Just Google

For proof, see The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines at the Read-Write Web.

Expertise Required

Tish Grier notes an intriguing call for citizen-journalism specialists: Orato (which bears the tagline: “True Stories from Real People” put out a call earlier this month for “sex trade workers to help us cover the Pickton trial,” because, according to Orato’s editor-in-chief Paul Sullivan, they wanted “somebody who may have lived the story in some […]

Sleaze by Any Standard

NY Times: Feeding Frenzy for a Big Story, Even if It’s False. To most journalists, the notion of anonymous reporters relying on anonymous sources is a red flag. “If you want to talk about a business model that is designed to manufacture mischief in large volume, that would be it,” said Ralph Whitehead Jr., a […]

Newspapers in Education: Modern Oxymoron

Editor & Publisher: Major Survey Finds ‘Need to Rethink’ Newpaper in Education Programs. Teachers are using more online sources to discuss news-related issues in the classroom, with less use of newspapers — particularly local daily publications — according to a new survey from the Carnegie Knight Task Force at Harvard University. So, teachers are following […]

Bogus Web Conversation by Clinton

NY Times: On Web, Voters Question Clinton Directly. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton sat in a fake living-room set on Monday night and fielded questions on a live video Webcast. Was this a joke? Clinton’s alleged conversations with America have been so entirely scripted as to be laughable. If this is her idea of changing politics […]

Defending Journalism

A new site, Defend the Press, is taking up the case of Sarah Olson: a journalist who published an exclusive interview with Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, the highest-ranking member of the military to refuse to deploy to Iraq. Now, the Army wants Olson to be their witness in the lieutenant’s upcoming court martial. The […]