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Posts on ‘December 29th, 2006’

Media Predictions, 2007

What will happen in American journalism in 2007? Here, in the multiple-choice format borrowed from (and with grateful apologies to) columnist William Safire, are my own best guesses. Answers are at the bottom. (Note: “All” or “None” are valid choices.) 1. The biggest network-news shock will occur when: A. A major broadcast network kills its […]

AT&T's Phony Concessions Win Plaudits

Tom Evslin explains how the alleged “concessions” by AT&T to get approval of its BellSouth buyout are a sham: at&t’s IPTV is exempted from the neutrality provision. It is the TV “pipes” that at&t CEO Ed Whitacre thinks are his. Trouble is, there are no separate pipes on an IP network. at&t has left itself […]