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Posts on ‘December 21st, 2006’

China Blogs and Journalist Views

Rebecca MacKinnon has compiled a thorough and fascinating study of foreign correspondents’ views in China of the blog scene there — “Blogs and China correspondence.” Most interestingly, she says in an email: people generally found the question comparing “reliability” of blogs vs. msm to be completely beside the point.

Mapping Human Rights Violations

To creat the Tunisian Prison Map, Sami Ben Gharbia “pulled data from Human Rights NGOs report as well as a temporary list of Tunisian prisons prepared by Tsar Boris on TUNeZINE website.” Brilliant use of mashups, in a worthy cause.

Media Bloggers Relaunch

The Media Bloggers Association‘s Bob Cox has relaunched a website for the organization he founded and runs. Lots of interesting new ideas here. Bob is among the people who are working hard to improve citizen media.