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Posts on ‘December 19th, 2006’

Legal Weirdness: Newspaper Owner Sues Journalist

Editor & Publisher reports that Wendy McCaw, the eccentric owner of the Santa Barbara (California) News-Press, isn’t just presiding over the meltdown of a newspaper. She’s suing a freelance journalist who wrote about her activities, claiming an American Journalism Review article was defamatory. Needless to say, people familiar with journalism and the First Amendment are […]

One More Reason the Newspaper Business is in Such Trouble

UPDATED SimplyHeadlines delivers headlines to mobile devices. It’s an obvious and useful tool. Knight Ridder, the company I used to work for, registered the domain in 1998 — and proceeded to do nothing with it. UPDATE: Mark Potts tells me: “Knight Ridder didn’t register in 1998 — they got it as part of […]