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Glasnost in Newspaper-land: McClatchy buys Fresno Famous; GateHouse rolls Creative Commons over 96 newspapers

You can hear the ice breaking up from here. Global warming, or just relations between blogs and newspapers warming up? First, McClatchy has bought Fresno Famous, the community site founded and operated with great flair by Jarah Euston.

And GateHouse, whose October IPO made it the most valuable newspaper company in the nation, has rolled Creative Commons licensing over 96 of its 306 dailies and weeklies, making the cut-and-paste operations of bloggers everywhere explicitly legal and encouraged. You heard about GateHouse’s CC play here first, but you’ll hear it longer this afternoon at PressThink, with a piece with comments from Gatehouse execs, Creative Commons general counsel Mia Garlick, and others.

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