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Posts on ‘December 3rd, 2006’

Firefox 2.0: Unstable

UPDATED Running the latest version of Firefox is a huge drag — repeated freezes that require a forced shutdown of the application on my MacBook Pro. Growing pains for the Mozilla folks or just sloppy coding? Update: I should have been clearer, as commenters are noting, that the sloppy coding, if it exists, could easily […]

Intelligence and Blogs

NY Times: Open-Source Spying. For the intelligence agencies to benefit from “social software,” he said, they need to persuade thousands of employees to begin blogging and creating wikis all at once. And that requires a cultural sea change: persuading analysts, who for years have survived by holding their cards tightly to their chests, to begin […]

Blogging in the Newsrooms

American Journalism Review: Blogging Between the Lines. The mainstream media have fallen in love with blogs, launching them on everything from politics to life in Las Vegas to bowling. But does the inherent tension between the blogosphere’s anything-goes ethos and the standards of traditional journalism mean this relationship is doomed? Well, it took only, what, […]