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More on News Corp.'s Putrid Dealings with OJ Simpson

Washington Post: O.J. Deal Leaves Sour Taste in Many Mouths. The two-part, two-hour TV interview is scheduled to be aired on the Fox network Nov. 27 and 29 and was conducted by hard-charging and controversial publisher Judith Regan. The show will run before the Nov. 30 release date of Simpson’s pseudo-confessional tome, “If I Did It,” a book published by ReganBooks, a division of HarperCollins, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

Why is the heat mostly on Murdoch’s employees, and not the boss?

Look. Murdoch had to know about the book in the first place. And if he didn’t know that the potential-blockbuster TV “interview” — in reality, a two-hour commercial for the book — was being done by another of his subsidiaries, he’s not nearly in charge of his own empire. Which defies probability, if not reality.

O.J. SImpson is beyond despicable. Judith Regan has no shame.

But let’s put the responsibility for the current outrage where it belongs, with Rupert Murdoch and his greed.

2 Comments on “More on News Corp.'s Putrid Dealings with OJ Simpson”

  1. #1 Rinsem's Rink
    on Nov 20th, 2006 at 10:06 am

    O.J. Simpson to promote ‘If I Did It’ | Is this his confession??…

    OJ Simpson is back in the news once again as it seems he is on a mission to make sure that none of us forget about him. Simpson is set to launch a book entitled “If I Did It”, a tell all book about how he would have carried out the murders…

  2. #2 Luke Easter
    on Jan 20th, 2007 at 4:05 pm

    Hello. My name is O.J. Simpson,
    Exactly what is the great big deal?
    Why in the world are people against me?
    Not telling the truth when others I killed?

    Just stop and take a look around you,
    Unsolved murders happen all the time,
    My dream team helped get me off,
    Who cares if I write a book & make a dime?

    You say it’s millions of dollars that I will make,
    On top of the bucks already put in the bank?
    Guess I’ll always be the guy that people love to hate?
    With no more sponsors I don’t care what others think?

    If that kind of negative publicity ever really bothered me,
    I’d be somewhere in hiding, my face no one would see,
    Not that it does however if it ever did in the first place,
    I wouldn’t have beat Nicole and punched her in the face.

    Why in the heck do you think she had a divorce?
    Because hubby was Mr. Goody Two Shoes?
    I don’t care what my first wife says in the papers,
    I was a selfish son of a bitch in that marriage too.

    Innocent people are dying in a little know place called Darfur,
    OK, I will use some of the proceeds and donate to the poor,
    It’s not like I’m a serial killer & murdered other people too,
    I only killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman a Jew.

    Adolf Hitler eagerly annihilated millions of God’s chosen race,
    When traveling around the world, so as America not to disgrace,
    At least I won’t ride in Audi’s, BMW’s or Germany’s Mercedes,
    It’s home grown Lincoln or Cadillac in which I transport my ladies.

    Either that or I will ride around the course in luxury golf carts,
    Frequenting restaurants, bars, and parties, with other middle age farts,
    Often visiting exclusive country clubs, I will play 18 or 36 holes,
    Then hit the streets searching for celebrity seeking bimbos.

    What about my kids you say? Well what about them?
    Are they not still loved by Nicole’s next of kin?
    Soon they’ll be old enough to be out on their own,
    I feel a lot of respect & fatherly love to them I’ve shown.

    Besides, somehow I have to make an honest living,
    Throwing a party, the best of everything I am giving,
    No longer can I rush for over two thousand yards,
    Being a lowdown dirty snake is really not that hard.

    You want me to confess, seeking forgiveness and redemption,
    Obviously you don’t understand, I’m the great O.J. Simpson,
    Star running back, USC the NFL, Hall of Fame, the Juice,
    Should I really be incarcerated instead of running loose?

    There is also a television special that will air on the network Fox,
    I thought to head a media conglomerate you needed brains, not rocks,
    Well that’s all right, you know, its actually kind of cool,
    Who else would agree to run such a thing but an idiot or a fool?

    When will the rest of the world wake up and get with it?
    By a panel of my peers, twelve jurors long ago acquitted,
    All I did was write a tell all, what if I really did it book,
    Look on the bright side; it was only two lives that I took.

    11/20/06 Canceled! A piece of very good news heard on NBC,
    I’m sure millions plus the Brown & Goldman families are pleased,
    The O.J. TV special that only Simpson ever really wanted to watch,
    The American public came together kicking it squarely in the crotch.

    Don’t shout for joy yet because there’s more good news to tell,
    The book and any subsequent signings have been squashed as well,
    Although already in print, on the black market some will certainly sell,
    Buyers can tell O.J. how much they liked it when they see him in hell.

    11/24/06 I heard on the radio you’re just trying to secure a future for your kids,
    So Justin and Sydney would welcome funds from their dad saying “If I Did”?
    I also heard you say, “I really loved Nicole” OK, if she truly was your honey?
    It doesn’t mean you’re entitled to profit from what is known to be blood money!

    © 2006 by Luke Easter