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Posts on ‘November 16th, 2006’

What Rupert Murdoch's Team Will Do for Money

Charlie McCollum (San Jose Mercury News): Fox digs deep in the sleaze, comes up with an O.J. Simpson special. Mike Darnell, the head of Fox’s alternative programming department and the man most responsible for bringing “If I Did It” to the airwaves, did say in the release that “this is an interview that no one […]

Gift Economy in Dispute

Seth Finkelstein: Wikipedia, and the difficulties of criticizing digital-sharecropping. In brief, there’s two important ideas somewhat in conflict: 1) (fact) There are new businesses which can be built on data-mining or large collections of small amounts of unpaid labor 2) (belief) There is social or economic value in openness and commons Fascinating discussion here, stemming […]

Why Does this Cost Money?

A company just emailed me this pitch (in part): The 2006 Elections are now over, but the excitement continues. With newly elected Members and a change of party control in the House, it is now time for a flurry of changes to leadership positions, committee leadership, committee and subcommittee membership, and staff. All of the […]

New NY Times Blog Explores News

It’s called The Lede, and I’m still not quite sure what the mission is despite this description: In the news business, the opening sentences of a story are referred to as its “lede” — spelled that way, journalism lore has it, to avoid confusion with the lead typesetting that once dominated newspaper printing presses. Although […]