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Posts on ‘November 13th, 2006’

Antitrust Alert

Peter Scheer, executive of the California First Amendment Coalition, asks, “What if online portals had nothing but ‘digital fish wrap’?” He writes: Newspapers and wire services need to figure out a way, without running afoul of antitrust laws, to agree to embargo their news content from the free Internet for a brief period — say, […]

Newspapers and their Rich Suitors

David Carr, NY Times: Dubious Mix: Rich Suitors, Ailing Papers. Each potential buyer of the Tribune papers has said, mostly through surrogates, that profits are not the point, but men who spent their lives piling up money hate to watch it evaporate. And any experienced business reporter will tell you the average titan has little […]

Pondering Newspapers' Future

The Independent in London asks: Is print heading for obsolescence? Or can it re-invent itself and reach out to a generation brought up looking at screens? Lots of answers from lots of media people. Worth reading.