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Posts on ‘November 7th, 2006’

CJs: Wiki the Vote…

…at Congresspedia.

Election Day In America Through The Eyes of Placebloggers

Today I showed to a crowd at the Berkman Center for the Internet and Society along with Dan Gillmor, which David Weinberger was kind enough to give a very thorough writeup to. As soon as polls close this evening, Placeblogger will enter a limited alpha, and if you’re interested in browsing placeblogs nationwide, you […]

Banning Anonymity?

UPDATED Names@Work: Senator Would Outlaw Anonymous Blogs. New proposed legislation (in Brazil) would make it a crime, punishable by four years in jail, to anonymously send email, join a chat forum, download content, or write a blog. This is going to be a constant battle around the world in coming years. Governments loathe anonymity. But […]