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Posts on ‘November 6th, 2006’

State Laws Vary on Polling Place Photography

(This guest posting comes via Lauren Gelman, deputy director of the Center for Internet & Society at Stanford Law School.) UPDATED When we asked for your questions, we never expected that 80% would be about taking photographs or videos at the polls. Research by student fellows at the Stanford University Law School’s Center for Internet […]

Election Day Law FAQ

The Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society asked you for your questions about Election Day legal issues, and you responded. Below are some questions and answers, which will become a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page, and we will be adding more soon. NOTE: If you’re planning to take photos or videos, please look […]

What's Up with

Tom Evslin asks: “ – What is the Story?” This site is asking citizens to keep an eye on electronic voting machines tomorrow, Election Day. Specifically: Tom wants to know who’s getting the data the site seeks from voters, who’s keeping it and for how long. He notes that there’s a lot of personal information […]