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What Google Didn't Buy

Susan Mernit wonders: Why did Google buy YouTube when they could have bought the New York Times Company?

That news got me thinking about what Google mighta coulda bought with their money and didn’t, and I got to asking myself where the paradigm shift was in that.

For instance, with that kind of dough, Google could have bought the New York Times Company. I remember talking with Timesman Martin Nisenholtz about how the NYTimes was one of the biggest consumers/placements for Google AdWords, right behin

Just part of an interesting longer post by Mernit, who’s an executive at Yahoo. Read the whole thing here.

2 Comments on “What Google Didn't Buy”

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  2. #2 rick burnes
    on Oct 11th, 2006 at 7:39 pm

    Scott Heiferman had a response to Susan’s post worth reading. It’s here.