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Posts on ‘September 26th, 2006’

Slashdot readers interview Jay Rosen

Participants in the online tech community site Slashdot are interviewing Pressthink blogger and NYU professor Jay Rosen on the future of citizen journalism. No doubt Jay’s new project — NewAssignment.Net — will be a factor in the conversation. Slashdot’s been around long enough that it qualifies for greybeard status on the basis of its longevity; […]

Convergence Culture

That’s the title of Henry Jenkins‘ new book. It’s one of the most important volumes in this space in a long time. Don’t miss it.

Big Telco Launching News Team

Terry Heaton reports: Michael Rosenblum is launching a futuristic video news project with Verizon that ought to give the “trusted brand” crowd a shudder or three. He’s assembling news gathering units (what he terms “nodes”) in various cities that will make their content available via cellphone, web and cable, and he’s knee-deep in recruiting for […]