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Posts on ‘September 25th, 2006’

Matt Vree Joins Political Transparency Project

We’re glad to have Matt Vree joining us for our political transparency project in California’s 11th Congressional District. Matt will be working in the district to pull together a variety of data and information, with a focus on citizen contributions. Matt recently completed his master’s degree from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. This […]

Deception in Journalism

The Poynter Institute’s Bob Steele, in an essay entitled “HP’s Glass-Housed Critics,” writes: Journalists are not above using some forms of deception to get stories. We’ve long used our own form of sting operations. We’ve played private detective in ways that aren’t always so kosher. Sometimes we pretend to be someone other than a journalist. […]

A New Online Advertising Method

Over at TechMeme, Gabe Rivera has introduced a new sponsorship model that has the potential to truly shake up the online marketplace. He’s giving “Sponsor Posts” a prominent spot on the page, letting other content sites market what they’re discussing in related areas. This is very, very smart stuff. The test, of course, is how […]

Low Power Radio, No License

AP: Pirate radio stations challenge feds. The rapidly proliferating scofflaws — and there are now hundreds of them broadcasting at any given moment in this country — are usually only audible within a few miles of their “home-brewed” transmitters. They find unused sections of the FM dial, fire up their mini-transmitters, raise their antennas and […]