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What do you do when you see machine guns in Harvard Square? Call a blogger.

Bloggers get up close and personal with the arrival of the former prime minister of Iran in Harvard Square, Cambridge:

The Secret Service agents were on high alert. Numerous agents emerged from the cars and surrounded the front of the hotel, with guns drawn, sweeping back and forth over the crowd that quickly came to attention. Imagine a few dozen electified organic farmers, Cambridge moms, hotel guests and Harvard Square morning tourists.

Khatami was in a middle vehicle sandwiched between other SUVs. He himself was sandwiched between two Secret Service agents. When a deep ring of vehicles and agents was established around him, protecting a corridor into the hotel entrance, he was wisked out of the car and into the hotel. Nothing was visible except the top of his black turban.

Blogger Jim Moore got the call on this and posted it — along with more from an eyewitness — on his blog.

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