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Posts on ‘September 7th, 2006’

Asking Questions for 'Living Library'

There’s a fascinating experiment taking place this weekend. It’s called “dropping knowledge” — a meeting and project that challenges the notion that only the media and so-called ‘experts’ can speak out on matters of global relevance. dropping knowledge invites you to participate actively in a global dialogue and make your voice heard. dropping knowledge means […]

Wiki-Edited Story Results

Wired News’ Ryan Singel asked his readers to rework a story on wikis. In “The Wiki That Edited Me,” he offers this debriefing summary: Certainly the final story is more accurate and more representative of how wikis are used. Is it a better story than the one that would have emerged after a Wired News […]

Grant Supports Political Transparency

Many thanks to the Sunlight Foundation, which has awarded us one of its “Transparency Grants” for a test in California. It’s to develop an Election Year Demonstration Project for citizen journalism in one Congressional district. CCM will oversee the creation of a website that will seek to cover everything that can possibly be reported on […]

Can Wikis Help Sort Out the Patent Mess?

WikiPatents – Community Patent Review says it contributes to the US patent system by commenting on issued patents and, soon, pending patent applications. OK, but what does the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office say? They’ll decide whether the overworked examiners — this is the charitable explanation for the garbage patents being issued all the time […]