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Posts from ‘September, 2006’

Glaser on Citizen Journalism

Over at PBS MediaShift, Mark Glaser offers Your Guide to Citizen Journalism, including a very kind mention of our work here.

Picnic06 Conference

I spoke yesterday at the inaugural Picnic gathering in Amsterdam, a look at the future of media. Bruno Giussani, who moderated my talk and subsequent panel with Marc Canter and Craig Newmark, is writing about the conference here. Marc has been working on a project that I need to learn a lot more about. He […]

More Congressional Transparency, From Outside

LegiStorm: Who is employed by Congress, and how much they are paid, is often a source of fascination for the politically aware. Prior to this site’s creation, members of the public needed to visit the document rooms of the House and the Senate in Washington, DC to discover who was being paid what. Now, all […]

Firing the Boss

Doc Searls offers sage advice to the owner of the Santa Barbara News-Press, which has been in a full meltdown in recent weeks: Fire the editor.

Blogger (and Reporter) Challenges Broder

Will Bunch has posted an essay worth reading by anyone who cares about the state of Washington journalism: “Why I’m mad: An open letter to David Broder from a fellow journalist.”

Slashdot readers interview Jay Rosen

Participants in the online tech community site Slashdot are interviewing Pressthink blogger and NYU professor Jay Rosen on the future of citizen journalism. No doubt Jay’s new project — NewAssignment.Net — will be a factor in the conversation. Slashdot’s been around long enough that it qualifies for greybeard status on the basis of its longevity; […]

Convergence Culture

That’s the title of Henry Jenkins‘ new book. It’s one of the most important volumes in this space in a long time. Don’t miss it.

Big Telco Launching News Team

Terry Heaton reports: Michael Rosenblum is launching a futuristic video news project with Verizon that ought to give the “trusted brand” crowd a shudder or three. He’s assembling news gathering units (what he terms “nodes”) in various cities that will make their content available via cellphone, web and cable, and he’s knee-deep in recruiting for […]

Matt Vree Joins Political Transparency Project

We’re glad to have Matt Vree joining us for our political transparency project in California’s 11th Congressional District. Matt will be working in the district to pull together a variety of data and information, with a focus on citizen contributions. Matt recently completed his master’s degree from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. This […]

Deception in Journalism

The Poynter Institute’s Bob Steele, in an essay entitled “HP’s Glass-Housed Critics,” writes: Journalists are not above using some forms of deception to get stories. We’ve long used our own form of sting operations. We’ve played private detective in ways that aren’t always so kosher. Sometimes we pretend to be someone other than a journalist. […]