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Posts on ‘August 29th, 2006’

What if citizen journalism is just a mirage?

What if citizen journalism is just a mirage? Let’s look into the abyss for a minute — just as a thought experiment. As many critics have noted, it’s easy to point your browser at a placeblog, or a pol-blog that sometimes does news, look at it for fifteen seconds, and say, “What a crappy newspaper!,” […]

Hartsville Today "cookbook"

Doug Fisher has created a 75 page manual/journal of the effort to wrap a citizen journalism layer around a traditional paper: When we started it with funding from J-lab, we promised a “cook book” that would give other smaller papers considering such projects a road map of what to expect and how to handle some […]

Wiki Story by Wired News: Your Turn

Wired News has posted a draft of a story on wikis on its site and is inviting readers to help edit it.

Can Big Media Feel Shame?

Blake Fleetwood (Huffington Post) Media Blood Sport: “Snake”, “Ghoul”, “Prissy Perv”, “Wolf”. It became a game – a blood sport to be played for the greatest entertainment value. The public craves this stuff – the sexual abuse and murder of a blond child beauty queen – and has a pathological need to hate. John Karr […]