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Posts on ‘August 24th, 2006’

A Small Experiment with SMS

From Strong Angel III: This image (click on it, or here, for larger view) is a very low-tech proof of a concept: turning SMS messages into news flow. With the help of people from several companies, including Mitre, and Google, we’ve created a small demonstration of how citizen journalists could create location- and time-based […]

Strong Angel Blogging

If any of this interests you, check out ICT for Peacebuilding. Great summaries of what’s going on.

A Strong Angel Communication Story

Michael Helfrich spent the day at the beach yesterday, but it wasn’t for getting a tan. He’s part of the Strong Angel project and reports on his blog: The kinks are being worked out for how the Mission Beach data is assimilated in the EOC, but is especially gratifying to see the speed in which […]