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Posts on ‘August 15th, 2006’

New Collaboration: Cyberlaw and Citizen Media

Also posted at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society: If citizen journalism is to become a valuable part of the media ecosystem, citizen journalists will need help in navigating increasingly choppy legal waters — and the legal community will need better information on what’s happening in the citizen media arena as well. Those are […]

A Citizen Journalist's Images

Now the image I’m linking to here from the Flickr site, and the others in the sequence, aren’t earth-shaking. But they are the kinds of things that newspaper photographers feel fortunate to capture occasionally. In this case, a man named David Newberger happened to be on the spot — in Tulsa on a business trip […]

Cit-J Project Aim: Expose What Congress Wants to Hide

A group of organizations from the political left and right, including a media company, has launched a highly worthwhile project to expose the origin of earmarks — little (and not so little) spending items in legislation designed as a special favor to a district, campaign contributor and/or politician. The idea is that the public will […]