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Posts on ‘August 9th, 2006’

Old Media Guy Gets the New

Over at PressThink, Paul Bass, editor of the New Haven Independent site, writes: If my experience is any guide, there are also pitfalls that point up the challenges that face the first wave of onliners as we develop the new journalism. I’ve found that some experiments that sound cool fall flat, while others take off. […]

Apparent PR Sleaze

The Wall Street Journal asks, “Where Did That Video Spoofing Gore’s Film Come From? The answer, it appears, is a PR firm that also represents Exxon Mobil: In an email exchange with The Wall Street Journal, Toutsmith didn’t answer when asked who he was or why he made the video, which has just over 59,000 […]

Un-Conference Over: Many Thanks

As you’ll see by clicking on the link to Monday’s Citizen Journalism unconference — there are, among other things, podcasts, blog links and notes of the sessions — the event was a terrific success. About 100 people spent a long day in conversation about some of the key areas that today’s and tomorrow’s citizen journalists […]