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Posts on ‘August 1st, 2006’

Shooting Straw Men, Again, in Journos v Bloggers 'Debate'

Nicholas Lemann, dean at Columbia University’s journalism school, takes to the pages of the New Yorker to rehash the same old bloggers-v-journalists straw man, contributing practically nothing to this long-tired conversation, though he does come up with some interesting items from journalism history. The best responses: Steven Johnson, tired of this, too, briefly offers “Five […]

Citizen Media UnConference: Ethan Zuckerman

Here’s his introduction to the unconference session he’ll run next Monday, entitled “Above the Noise“.

Real Estate Bubble 2.0

The Real Estate Bubble Map is exactly the kind of thing I think Web mashups can do best.

Citizen Journalism Un-Conference: Steve Garfield

Steve Garfield, a great videoblogger, will lead a session at next Monday’s Citizen Journalism Un-Conference. Here’s his summary of what we’ll discuss.

Criminalizing Photography

The police want to stop photography in public places; we need to resist.

Net Increases Velocity of Gibson's Downfall

Mel Gibson’s problems were accelerated by the Net.

Newspapers and Section Front Advertising

The LA Times editors are in a tizzy about the prospect of advertising on their section fronts. Apparently they don’t read their own website.