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Posts from ‘August, 2006’

Nothing New Under the Sun?

Jack Shafer at Slate reminds us that people who don’t know history are, well, uninformed. Read “Who won the Great Press War of 1897? Hearst or Ochs?” to see why.

A Great Newspaper Parody Mashup

It’s here — and purports to be what people on the political right see when they read the New York Times. Extremely clever.

What if citizen journalism is just a mirage?

What if citizen journalism is just a mirage? Let’s look into the abyss for a minute — just as a thought experiment. As many critics have noted, it’s easy to point your browser at a placeblog, or a pol-blog that sometimes does news, look at it for fifteen seconds, and say, “What a crappy newspaper!,” […]

Hartsville Today "cookbook"

Doug Fisher has created a 75 page manual/journal of the effort to wrap a citizen journalism layer around a traditional paper: When we started it with funding from J-lab, we promised a “cook book” that would give other smaller papers considering such projects a road map of what to expect and how to handle some […]

Wiki Story by Wired News: Your Turn

Wired News has posted a draft of a story on wikis on its site and is inviting readers to help edit it.

Can Big Media Feel Shame?

Blake Fleetwood (Huffington Post) Media Blood Sport: “Snake”, “Ghoul”, “Prissy Perv”, “Wolf”. It became a game – a blood sport to be played for the greatest entertainment value. The public craves this stuff – the sexual abuse and murder of a blond child beauty queen – and has a pathological need to hate. John Karr […]

Needed: Citizens to Query Legislators

UPDATED Over at the TPM Muckraker site, they’re asking for help unmasking a U.S. senator who won’t fess up to holding back vital legislation. What’s up? Just before the August recess, the Senate was set to vote on a bill co-sponsored by Sens. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Tom Coburn (R-OK) that would create a public, […] Update

Jay Rosen says here how he’s contemplating the development of his important project, I’m helping out in small ways, and hope to help in bigger ones…

BlogTalk Reloaded

It’s in Vienna, Austria, in early October. Details here.

Beyond Broadcast Video

Good video summary from last spring’s Beyond Broadcast gathering here.