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Bloggers See Selves in Many Roles

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has a new report (260k PDF) on blogging. The organization says, “Blogging is bringing new voices to the online world” — and survey data include these highlights:

  • 54% of bloggers say that they have never published their writing or media creations anywhere else; 44% say they have published elsewhere;
  • 54% of bloggers are under the age of 30;
  • Women and men have statistical parity in the blogosphere, with women representing 46% of bloggers and men 54%;
  • 76% of bloggers say a reason they blog is to document their personal experiences and share them with others;
  • 64% of bloggers say a reason they blog is to share practical knowledge or skills with others.
  • When asked to choose one main subject, 37% of bloggers say that the primary topic of their blog is “my life and experiences;”
  • Other topics ran distantly behind: 11% of bloggers focus on politics and government; 7% focus on entertainment; 6% focus on sports; 5% focus on general news and current events; 5% focus on business; 4% on technology; 2% on religion, spirituality or faith; and additional smaller groups who focus on a specific hobby, a health problem or illness, or other topics.

Unfortunately, Pew persists in publishing its surveys only as PDF files, as far as I can discover.

2 Comments on “Bloggers See Selves in Many Roles”

  1. #1 tish grier
    on Jul 19th, 2006 at 6:25 am

    I was delighted to read Pew’s survey results this morning! It confirmed what I discovered about blogging when I first started in ’04: blogs can be wonderful means of expression and communication. Developing one’s voice on a blog can lead to other things, including publishing and journalism (as it has done for me) if that’s what one wants from using the tool of the blog.

    As for bloggers who feel they are doing journalism–I’d hazard a guess that this group are the folks who could be called “citizen journalists,” and that a good portion of them have a process–fact-checking, editing, etc.–that they employ before they publish. Pew’s survey doesn’t illuminate all that much about this group, but sometimes knowing what something isn’t is an opportunity to learn what it is.

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