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Posts on ‘July 17th, 2006’

Man on the street reporting: homeless blogger takes reins at blog sponsored by TV station

Lisa Williams: News2/WKRN, Nashville’s ABC affiliate, has a great ongoing experiment called, where WKRN blogger Brittney Gilbert rounds up the best of the local blogosphere and beyond each weekday. Each weekend, the station pays $100 to a local blogger to keep the site ticking over Saturday and Sunday. The site’s most recent weekend host […]

Indian Government in the Censorship Business, Too?

BoingBoing has collected a number of links that strongly suggest India’s government, in the wake of last week’s bombings, is on a broad Internet censorship campaign. It’s bad enough to watch China do this kind of thing, but India is supposed to be a democracy. The terrorists must be delighted to see such an over-the-top […]

Collaborative News Survey: Hype versus Reality

Why are collaborative news, commenting and blogging sites such as Newsvine, Slashdot and Global Voices attracting users and visitors? Who are these folks? What do they want from their interactions? According to a just-released survey — “The Hype vs. Reality vs. What People Value: Emerging Collaborative News Models and the Future of News” — by […]