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Posts on ‘July 13th, 2006’

Japan versus South Korea: Can you export OhmyNews?

Ethan Zuckerman writes: Inkyu Kong, a citizen reporter for three years with OhmyNews, has some fascinating perspectives on the success of OhmyNews in Korea as opposed to in other parts of Asia. His presentation offers some background thoughts on social forces in Korea, and case studies of OhmyNews versus JanJan, a Japanese citizen media site, […]

OhmyNews Forum: More faces of OhmyNews

Ethan Zuckerman writes: A second panel of citizen journalists – all reporters for OhmyNews – help diversify the picture of the people who report for the service. Several of the panelists have strong political views which have led them to their work as citizen journalists. Ramzy Baroud is a Palestinian academic and journalist, who is […]

Variety in the World of Citizen Journalism

It’s truly amazing to be hearing the stories of citizen journalists from around the world here at the OhmyNews Forum. These folks have done an amazing job at getting a cross-section of the folks who are really doing this. (Huge frustration for me: I was hoping to interview a lot of these folks, but I […]

OhmyNews Forum: Scoop and Flix – the offspring of OhmyNews?

Ethan Zuckerman writes: Michael Weiss was the only Israeli attendee at the OhmyNews forum last year – now he’s one of three. He tells us that, at this rate, the official language of the forum will be Hebrew in a few years. Weiss certaintly took good notes at the forum last year, and has used […]

OhmyNews Forum: Who are the Citizen Journalists?

Ethan Zuckerman writes: So, who are citizen reporters? That’s the question I’ve been asking based on the folks I’ve met at the conference thus far and the questions I got from the audience after my talk. The after lunch panel gives an overview, featuring six citizen journalists who work with OhmyNews, representing a wide range […]