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Posts on ‘July 12th, 2006’

Good News for Citizen Journalists

CNET: Apple abandons effort to unmask leaker. The case, filed in the superior court of Santa Clara County, drew national attention not only because it involved unreleased products–but also because it was one of the first to set the rules of how the rights of uncredentialed online journalists should be balanced against the rights of […]

Remixing Nonsense: Now It Makes Sense

So the folks at Public Knowledge put out an audio of Alaska U.S. Senator Ted Stevens’ astonishingly ignorant — and inadvertently hilarious — treatise on the Internet (and why he’s against Network Neutrality). That was helpful. Now comes with this remix of the senator’s remarks. This is citizen-media commentary at its most original, and […]

Citizen Media Forum Opens

This week’s OhmyNews International Forum has opened, with some interesting commentary and suggestions from early speakers. Ethan Zuckerman, who’s here (and on a panel I’m moderating in a few minutes) is taking his usual great notes — and (update) even better, has agreed to cross-post them here. I’ll post links to other folks’ blogs as […]

OhmyNews Forum: Tim Lord, from "grammar flamer" to managing editor

Ethan Zuckerman writes: Tim Lord, the managing editor of Slashdot, is happy that Slashdot is no longer the most anarchic news source on the Internet – he gives that honor to But Slashdot is still, joyfully, one of the net’s most open news sites – certainly more so than ohmynews or Global Voices. Slashdot […]

OhmyNews Forum: Tech Panel

Ethan Zuckerman writes: Craig Newmark, the founder and chief customer support person for Craigslist, is an awfully busy guy for someone who describes himself as “tremendously lazy”. His laziness around citizen’s media comes from the fact that he wants to change the world, but is working by ” help other people help other people change […]

OhmyNews Forum: The Tech Isn't the Thing

Ethan Zuckerman writes from the OhmyNews citizen-journalism event: Dan Gillmor leads off the conference in Seoul with an overview of some of the high points of Web 2.0, including the Bush/Blair lipsynch video, which always gets a good laugh. (What’s Dan going to do if Blair resigns, I wonder?) His point is that audio and […]

CBS Still Doesn't Get It

The network and its affiliate, at a PR event for the new evening news anchor person (dubbed “Couric’s Twin Cities visit a well-oiled machine” by the Minneapolis Star Tribune), didn’t allow actual reporting and felt threatened by a blogger: Matt Bartel, owner of the popular MNSpeak blog also was issued an invitation by WCCO, although […]

Webcast of OhmyNews Forum

I’m at the OhmyNews International Citizen Reporters’ Forum for the next two days, speaking later this morning, and enjoying the chance to meet citizen reporters from around the world. Our hosts – Oh Yeon Ho and his team – have invited great speakers to join us and ensured that the audience is at least as […]