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Posts on ‘July 3rd, 2006’

WordPress and its Lame Bugs

UPDATED No matter how many times I edit in WordPress, it runs paragraphs together in certain circumstances. How lame is that? Jeez… Update: if I edit the post in Ecto, all’s well. Even more weird…

Guest Posting: Is Media Performance Democracy's Critical Issue?

Tom Stites is an old friend and mentor. He has had a long and honorable career in print journalism, and thinks deeply and wisely about this craft. He gave the following speech — entitled “Is media performance democracy’s critical issue?” — last weekend at the Media Giraffe Project‘s conference in Amherst, Mass. Read it all, […]

Gawker Media's Next Act

Nick Denton, in a posting called “Battening down,” faces some financial music as he shakes up his blog titles. By far the most interesting line: “For editorial talent, we now pay within the range of mainstream media.” The business model from the start has included low pay to rising stars. For some the gig was […]

Profiles in Newspaper Spinelessness

The editorial page editor of the Shreveport Times frets about the rancid writings of Ann Coulter, which appear on his page. Wondering, Hamlet-style, if he should replace her with a rational conservative, he says: So while her harangues finally may have grown tiresome, we would be reluctant to pull her column from our pages based […]