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Posts from ‘July, 2006’

Over-the-top Headline of the Day

This one in the Times of London — “Unique film set ‘wiped out’ in 007 blaze disaster” — transcends idiocy.

Blawg-o-sphere Gets Respect

Chicago Lawyer: Law Related Blogging Starting to See a Coming of Age: Berman is among a growing number of law professors, law students, lawyers, and even judges who have gravitated to the world of blogs, the interactive online medium that allows people worldwide to publish their ideas, and others to comment on them — all […]

A 'Duh' Moment for Newspapers

Finally, finally, some newspapers are linking systematically outside their own empires.

CNN Embracing Citizen Journalism?

CNet says CNN wants some of the clips being uploaded to popular video-sharing sites, such as YouTube, to find their way to the cable news channel.

Advertising for Women's Websites

At the BlogHer conference, Lisa Stone discusses BlogHerAds — billed as “quality advertising for women bloggers” — a new advertising network and service that could be a big deal indeed.

Cross Media Week

It’s a gathering in Amsterdam in late September, and I’m among the many speakers. Details here.

Video from OhmyNews Citizen Journalism Forum

Here’s a page listing on-demand videos from the OhmyNews Forum held earlier this month in Seoul. (I was a speaker.)

Software Bug Thwarts Online Journalism Feature

Slate magazine has a nifty feature called “Hot Document,” in which the site posts documents, highlights key portions and then, with mouse-over popups, tells you the significance of the highlighted text. But there seems to be a Firefox bug preventing this from working properly, or a bug in the Slate page coding. Here’s a partial […]

Another Blogger Goes to Traditional Media

Once again blogs are proving, for a least a few people, to be a great farm system for the journalistic big leagues.

The Open Road in Knowledge

The New Yorker covers, in its usual depth, Wikipedia.