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Posts on ‘June 26th, 2006’

PaidContent Gets Funding to Get Bigger

Rafat Ali at PaidContent discusses “The Next Big Step: Announcing Our Funding, from Patricof’s Greycroft Partners” — and we get another view of what’s coming in the business of blogging and other conversational media.

New York Times Editor Explains Publishing Decision

Letter From Bill Keller on The Times’s Banking Records Report : The press and the government generally start out from opposite corners in such cases. The government would like us to publish only the official line, and some of our elected leaders tend to view anything else as harmful to the national interest.

Burning the First Amendment

Wall Street Journal: Flag-Burning Debate Reclaims Spotlight. Polls tend to show that the flag issue is relatively low among voter priorities. Some voters who favor the amendment feel strongly about it, and the issue could make a difference in tight races, particularly in conservative-leaning states. This exercise is a direct attack on free speech. Many […]