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Posts on ‘June 15th, 2006’

Netscape as Digg, Newsvine, Etc.

AOL’s blogging boss, Jason Calacanis, has convinced the company to use the brand — still enormously valuable — as a Digg-like site where people vote on which news stories are the most important, interesting, etc. I’d expected something like this from Yahoo, not AOL. Jason seems to have made the difference, and I hope […]


unwiki: The Deletion Log is a list of all the pages that have abused Wiki’s democratic remit; it is the last stop on the way to destruction. Caution: not entirely work-friendly…

Mobile Phone Experience Improves

Nokia is working on WidSets, the ability to use web services on mobile phones. This is extremely impressive stuff.

Print Media Road Kill?

Jane Genova: Playing In Traffic – Social Media Ain’t for Unreconstructed Old Print Folks. Look forward to plenty of road kill. The speed associated with social media requires specialized skills. Those skills only come from hands-on experience. The speed mainly requires an appropriate level of skepticism, and an ability to not pull a trigger before […]