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Posts from ‘June, 2006’

A Shameless CEO Ducks a Journalist's Questions

One of the memorable moments during the excellent Fortune Brainstorm 2006 conference (probably the best organized such gathering I’ve ever attended) came this morning during a panel about corporate America’s deservedly troubled image. And one reason that this was such a good session was that a journalist rose to the occasion. The panel had four […]

All Roads Don't Lead to Disney

In my Brainstorm 2006 panel this morning, I was a somewhat lonely voice in the conversation about entertainment’s future in a Digital Age. Everyone was talking about monetization. I was talking about democratization of media. At one point, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner seemed to dismiss bottom-up media as the rough equivalent of people walking […]

Brainstorm Begins

UPDATED It turns out that Fortune’s Brainstorm 2006 conference is on the record. Also, it turns out, my former Knight Ridder colleague Oliver Ryan, who’s now with Fortune, is blogging with his colleagues. The backchannel: #brainstorm on for Internet Relay Chat. Ross Mayfield challenges several of us who are attending to make public the […]

Breathtaking Fraud: Now Let's Get Some Citizen Journalism

NY Times: ‘Breathtaking’ Waste and Fraud in Hurricane Aid: Among the many superlatives associated with Hurricane Katrina can now be added this one: it produced one of the most extraordinary displays of scams, schemes and stupefying bureaucratic bungles in modern history, costing taxpayers up to $2 billion. The Times is doing great work on this […]


I’m at Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm conference in Aspen for the first time, participating in a session on the future of entertainment in a digital world.

The First Amendment is for Everyone

The National Review, like its pals in the Bush administration, is in a froth over the New York Times’ valiant reporting on administration’s secretive spying on everyone and everything. Now, clueless on what it means to enjoy free-speech rights in our republic, the NR huffs and puffs: Publications such as the Times, which act irresponsibly […]

Who Are Those People, Anyway? Us

Jay Rosen: The People Formerly Known as the Audience. The people formerly known as the audience are simply the public made realer, less fictional, more able, less predictable. You should welcome that, media people. But whether you do or not we want you to know we’re here. What traditional media folks need to do is […]

PaidContent Gets Funding to Get Bigger

Rafat Ali at PaidContent discusses “The Next Big Step: Announcing Our Funding, from Patricof’s Greycroft Partners” — and we get another view of what’s coming in the business of blogging and other conversational media.

New York Times Editor Explains Publishing Decision

Letter From Bill Keller on The Times’s Banking Records Report : The press and the government generally start out from opposite corners in such cases. The government would like us to publish only the official line, and some of our elected leaders tend to view anything else as harmful to the national interest.

Burning the First Amendment

Wall Street Journal: Flag-Burning Debate Reclaims Spotlight. Polls tend to show that the flag issue is relatively low among voter priorities. Some voters who favor the amendment feel strongly about it, and the issue could make a difference in tight races, particularly in conservative-leaning states. This exercise is a direct attack on free speech. Many […]