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Posts on ‘May 22nd, 2006’

Are Paid Telecom Industry Shills Polluting Blog Comments?

Mark Glaser asks if this is the case. This calls for some serious sleuthing. Anyone want to help?

Warren Buffett's Newspaper Dirge

Over at buffalo rising are quotes from the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, at which Warren Buffett said, among other things: It may be that no one has followed the newspaper business as closely as we have for as long as we have—50 years or more. It’s been interesting to watch newspaper owners and investors resist […]

Thin-Air Numbers and Untrustworthy Reporting

Legal Times: Numbers Game: Gonzales Launches DOJ Project Safe Childhood With Mysterious Figure. (NBC News correspondent Chris) Hansen’s source, according to the “Dateline” report: unnamed “law enforcement officials.” Asked who those law enforcement officials were, Hansen told Legal Times that “this is a number that was widely used in law enforcement circles,” though he couldn’t […]