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Posts on ‘May 12th, 2006’

Police Blogging

The LAPD Blog (at the Los Angeles Police Department) hopes to maintain an open dialogue with the communites we serve and those who have an interest in the men and women of this organization. We encourage you to express your opinions about current events through respectful and insightful discussion. This will be an experiment worth […]

Comment Spammer Not Sufficiently Clever

Our comment spam filter is smart enough to have flagged the following item: There are so many reasons for nonprofits to blog that it’s hard to boil them down to a few, but you’ve done a great job. The key to all of them — the nugget of information I think all nonprofits should take […]

Beyond Broadcast

Beyond Broadcast 2006: Reinventing Public Media in a Participatory Culture has begun at the Berkman Center, and we’re hearing from some extraordinarily smart folks. Lots of blogging going on. Here are Flickr pictures tagged with BeyondBroadcast.